ovSolar Power Co., Ltd.

As a branch company of clean energy under Hong Kong Chang Yuang Resources Limited, ovSolar Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as ovSolar for short) mainly focuses on the design, production and global marketing of photovoltaic lighting products. The company got registered in April, 2013 in Hong Kong and set its operation center and production center respectively in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Through the development of the past 5 years, the company has expanded its business to over 30 countries and regions in the world. With the high-quality products and good reputation in the market, the company has deeply participated in the "Lighting Global" project launched by the World Bank and IFC, so as to solve the household electricity consumption problem in countries and regions with insufficient electricity on a larger range.

As the leading company of this industry in China, we have created various high-quality products by our diligence, patience, enterprising spirit, innovation in design and first-rate service. Meanwhile, we have earned the respect and recognition of our global partners. We start from China but look forward to become global. We dare to take the responsibility and make continuous progress to be stronger. 


In 2008, Chang Yuang Resources Limited has noticed the crisis caused by the global excess capacity of steel which would definitely lead to the excess capacity of mineral energy industry, thus gradually abandoned the iron ore business without any hesitation and adjusted the business layout of the company by launching the brand new four business segments: resources, high-end ecological care and tourism for the seniors, new energy and new biological technology.

The investment in solar energy area is a typical example in the business segment of "new energy". Instead of aiming at the silicon wafer market with serious excess capacity, which most other investors did, Chang Yuang Resources Limited focused on the late application business which was relatively weak in the past: promoting solar energy lighting in regions without or lacking electricity.

At that time, over one quarter of the global population were living in countries and regions without or lacking electricity. In those countries and regions, there were often sufficient sunshine and solar energy resources, which meant a large market and a great business opportunity. The application of solar lights can satisfy the household lighting needs of the local residents in those regions in a safe, environmental-friendly and sustainable manner, which is significant. It started off very well. At the end of 2012, the newly-developed product, ovBeacon solar light, has won the first prize of Outstanding Product in the World Off-grid Lighting Conference held by the World Bank once every two years under the "Lighting Global" project.

Company Address: 15/F Kingdom Power Commercial Building 32-36 Des Voeux Road West Hong Kong

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