ovSolar concerns about the areas attacked by Typhoon Nepartak, relief supplies are transported to Minqing urgently.

Impacted by the violent "Typhoon Nepartak" this year, many areas in China rained heavily, leading to 63 towns in 5 counties including Minqing, Yongtai, Minhou, Luoyuan and Gaoxin in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, suffering from flood. There are 2038,000 people being stricken by the disaster, 9,652 houses being collapsed, and 1247,000 people being evacuated. Among all these counties, Minqing County is the most damage place, where the water supply, electricity and communication of all 11 towns are cut off, and one-third of the population is affected.

After informed of the serious disaster of Minqing, and the issue of no electricity for the people to use, ovSolar takes the initiative to contact with the local government and the folk rescure team. Under their assistance, the donated ovPilot by ovSolar are all sent to the Bandong town directly, the most stricken region, relieving the life difficulty of the suffered ordinary people. Before the complete recovery of all electric utilities, the ovPilot from ovSolar can solve the issues of the lighting at night and the mobile charging of the suffered people.

The disaster at Minqing brought by Typhoon Nepartak tugged all our ovSolarer's heart deeply. We will keep focusing on the situation of disaster area, and offering aid to them. Meanwhile, ovSolar is also appealing for more enterprises and individuals to join in our rescue team, offering love and helping to rebuild their homes.

Disaster scene of Minqing

Relief supplies arriving at scene

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