Company won the ACKM Asian Chinese Leadership Award

Nobel Laureate Social Caring Series incorporates the most thought-provoking Future Leadership Summit on how businesses connect with social responsibility for a better future, while celebrating their outstanding contributions in areas ranging from Environmental Protection, Human Rights, Labor Standards, Anti-corruption and Customer Care. This event was co-organized by social Enterprise Research Institute (SERI) and Asian College of Knowledge Management (ACKM) on 13th April, 2016 (Wednesday) afternoon at Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong. To support the good cause of bringing together a unique mix of business, government, academia and civil society for social change, over 520 representatives joined the Future Leadership Summit and Social Caring Pledge Scheme Award Presentation Ceremony, which was presided by Nobel Laureate Prof. Akira Suzuki.

At the ceremony, Dr. Wu Pun Yan, the chairman of Chang Yuang Resourses Limited, which is the parent company of ovSolar Power Co., Ltd. was awarded the ACKM Asian Chinese Leadership Award by the Asian College of Knowledge Management trough strict review, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the social economy, culture and so on.

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